Painting the Joys of Your Life!

I'm Sandy. I'm an artist who paints fresh, colorful impressionistic paintings of the joys of life, capturing those special memories that fill our days with so much joy . . .


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Life goes by so quickly! It's more important than ever to savor those joys that are most meaningful to you.



Contact me to discuss turning photographs of these joys of your life (a breath-taking sunset, a special place that holds treasured memories, children who are growing up too fast, a photo you took that holds special significance) into expressive original oil paintings that will add beauty and joy to your life every day for years to come!



It is the light that draws me into a subject and makes it come to life, and I seek to convey that sense of light and life in my paintings – whether it is a figurative, landscape or still life. Here you can see some of my latest paintings.

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Painting has been such a wonderful joy in my life, and I love that I can share that with others. It gives me such delight what I get to see where my paintings "live." Here you can see some of my paintings hanging in their homes.

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